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Jacek Fijałkowski

He was born In 12.07.1959 in Warsaw.
Since his childhood painting has been his pasisson, In 70’s he attended drawing lessons in Palace ˝Szustra˝ where lectures were: MS RRotwand and Jack Bukowski from Academy of Arts. He painted Picture for foreigen galleries (France, England). Nowdays his Works are exhibited In several galleries in Warsaw and in other towos in Poland. Since 1985 he has exhibited his works in ˝Old Town˝. He paints: landscapes, horses, still life and copies of works of well know artists. In same time his reponsibility was Conservation of Arts in Warsaw. A year later he moved to the Great Theater. His Job was in departament of decoration amd costiums, where his duty was to make scenography to diffrent places. For several years his job Has been only easel painting. His paintings may be fund all over the world. In 1991 he was founder of Younion of Painters and Sculptors Old Town.

His exhibitions were:
- 1998 House of Culture ˝Kadr˝in Warsaw.
- 1995 Gallery Younion of Artists district Wareckiej.
- 1996 Palace of Lubomirskich – Biennale ˝ARS 96˝.
- 1998 Palace of Lubomirskich – Biennale ˝ARS 98˝ (prze Europen Academy of Art).
- 2004 Palace of fangora-botanical Garden in Powsin
Contact       phone: 504 274 077, 513 099 029, 22 649 56 53, e-mail: fijol2@wp.pl, elafija@wp.pl